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From mini claw machines to giant human claw machines, from classic Toy Story claw machines to innovative candy claw machines, our extensive product line caters to entertainment needs for all ages.


The “SPACE DROP XL” is a prize machine designed to hold up to 60 different prizes for players to try and win.
Players can control the clip mechanism to maneuver and attempt to win a desired prize from the machine.

Feature Specification
Game Dimensions W 44.88″ × D 47.25″ x H 83.86″
W 114 × D 120 × H 213 cm
Net Weight 444.23 lb / 201.5 kg


How to Play :

1. Insert coins.
2. Aim for the prize desired,press the button.
3.If clip opens, collect the prize.


-Simple and creative game play.
-60 clips.
-Fun exhilarating game that’s challenging.
-It takes a combination of skill and luck to win the prizes.
-Suitable for players of all ages.
-Skill test prize machine.
-Single player.
-High-quality coin selector installed.

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