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Ninja Cut

The Ninja Cut is not only a prize machine, but also a way to release stress and relax!
Cut the rope to win the jackpot. This is a fun and addictive game that people of all ages can enjoy.

Feature Specification
Game Dimensions W 32.68″ × D 31.89″ x H 79.53″
W 83 × D 81 × H 202 cm
Net Weight 308.65 lb
140 kg
Packing Dimensions W 29.92″ × D 33.07″ × H 74.8″
W 76 × D 84 × H 190 cm
Gross Weight 308.65 lb
140 kg
Container Fitting 20GP: 21 units,
40HQ: 44 units


How to Play:

1. Insert coins.
2. Holding button to move the scissor
3. Release and scissor will cut the rope
4. Collect your prize if you win


-Automatic pop-up structure design.
-Super wide angle, transparent from all sides.
-Can place big dolls, more attractive.
-Control type: push button.
-High-quality coin selector installed.
-Single player.

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