How to Effectively Promote Your Arcade Business for Increased Foot Traffic

To effectively promote your arcade business and increase foot traffic, consider leveraging social media campaigns, focusing on local community engagement, and offering unique promotions. For example, hosting themed game nights can boost attendance by up to 40%. Utilize local influencers to enhance visibility; a well-executed influencer campaign can increase social media engagement by about 30%. Additionally, strategically placing your arcade in high-traffic areas can lead to a 50% increase in foot traffic, ensuring your arcade becomes a go-to destination.


What Promotion Means In the Arcade Industry

I want you to think back on the last time you selected an entertainment choice. What did you actually consider? Was it a shiny 5-star review as you were killing time online, or did someone fantastic tell you about it? The visibility of your arcade is crucial for it to become the hub destination for entertainment. While creativity can help, in such a crowded marketplace of things people could be doing for leisure today – it isn’t an option; it’s a necessity.

The State of the Arcades as it Stands Today

Over the past few years, arcades have been making quite a comeback – with millennials seeking nostalgia and families looking for fun family-friendly activities. But more and more the challenge with arcades is getting enough people to walk through their doors. Why? But more frequently, it boils down to poor marketing. Industry analysts have found that arcades without a strong internet presence, and social event schedule may see as much 30 percent less foot traffic compared to establishments operating in these areas with skill.

Understanding Your Audience

Who does your arcade cater to? Families? Teens? Gaming enthusiasts? Understanding your number one audience is key to speaking to them through the message you convey. For example, if your arcade specializes in retro games, marketing tactics that play into nostalgia (e.g., sharing shots of classic Pac-Man and Space Invaders titles on social media) may work especially well for you with this particular group.

Choosing the Best Location for Your Arcade

Imagine cruising down the main drag of your town searching for some kind of fun, or perhaps you’re checking online through a list of nearby local destinations; what is most likely to pop out at you first is whatever looks like it’s easiest to get into and find in the fewest seconds. Your location is the first consideration impression your arcade will ever get, and it matters! The CORNER is a magical part of building success that can affect your visibility and convenience where you get to drive foot traffic. Data shows that while hidden arcades cannot expect a walk-in increase higher than 30%, those located in visible areas can capture up to 50% more foot traffic.

The Best Spots for Maximum Exposure

Live demonstrate your arcade at the busiest corner of high street I mean you want to be in look all the time right? Arcades are a fantastic addition to any high foot traffic area and can really attract folks for shopping or seeing the latest movies, even tourists. This is because these sites take advantage of the foot traffic that has already been established; they tend to go hand in hand with people who are out and about, ready for frivolous spending. Visibility in these areas will encourage an impulse visit to your arcade for a customer who otherwise might have missed it, particularly if your architecture is colorful and engaging.

Demographics and Foot Traffic Analysis

But before you sign the lease, consider who is walking past. Is fun for the afternoon what these families desire? Teens out with friends? Everyone we are trying to target peaks at different times and ways. Work with local businesses or malls for pedestrian traffic data and demographics. This will help you pick a location where these potential clients are most likely to patronize. As an example, if your arcade is family-focused being near kid-friendly restaurants or movie theaters could mean one business feeds traffic into the other.

Other Areas to Think About Beyond the Foot Traffic

Foot traffic is king, but do not ignore parking and accessibility or neighboring businesses. An arcade next to a bookstore might have less overlap in foot traffic than an arcade next door to, say, a sports bar or ice cream shop. For an additional check, consider the logistics: is there enough parking? How well-lit/safe are you at night? Understanding what causes someone to return is an important part of this process. A great location is not just about foot traffic, it’s how many of those people can easily stop and play your games.

Starting a Community Hub at Your Arcade

Hosting Engaging Events

Why not make a Tuesday night the most anticipated evening? Organize themed game nights, tournaments or family fun days to attract different demographics. Let us say for example you will be running a “Retro Game Night” and people need to come dressed as characters from their favorite old-school video games. It creates that added element of foot traffic, but also brings in extra social media chatter as attendees document and share their experience. This will bring as many 40% more patrons to your place of business on event nights.

Establishing relationships with local businesses

How about teaming up with the comic book store around the corner or even your friendly neighborhood pizzeria? It’s a win-win. You can have deals, like ‘Play and Dine’ or ‘Game and Grab’. E.g., Anyone buying pizza on Friday night will get a discount in your arcade. It will bring exposure to both and solidify the arcade reputation as an anchor business in your area.

Clubs/Student Societies

Consider where your existing consumers praise the product. Literally, gaming clubs, school groups, or just general meetup types are already looking for new and interesting places to hold their local events. Contact and provide your own arcade as a place. You may offer group rates or special hours. By reaching out to these groups, you not only maintain your revenue when it’s a bit slower but also create regulars who feel more than just loyal customers.

Effective Arcade Marketing Campaigns

Leveraging Influential Social Media Users

Seen those Instagrams from an influencer at some cool, local spot that looks super bright and fun? That could be your arcade. COLLABORATING WITH INFLUENCERS WHO RELATE WELL TO YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE This can convert their subscribers into your customers. One of those was pairing up with a local vlogger which had quite the following, as they came and did some videos that showcased both how well we were doing here at The Basement (this place can be pretty lively) but also what new games have arrived. That increased our social media followings by around 30%, this translated to more people showing their feet under tables or inside doors 🙂

Limited-time offers, they create buzz

And flash sales or Limited-time offers tend to drive urgency itself. Imagine this: “Free game tokens tonight at 8pm!” If it runs on multiple platforms, these type of promotions can really send a healthy amount of traffic. One of them offered a deal called “Beat the Clock” wherein if you came in before noon on weekends, arcade tokens were free which boosted weekend morning traffic by 25%.

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