5 Best Prime Locations for Profitable Claw Machines

Placing claw machines in shopping malls, arcades, cinemas, supermarkets, and university campuses boosts engagement, capturing diverse and high-traffic audiences.

Shopping Malls

High Foot Traffic
Shot shopping centers are being facilitated constantly with a large number of individuals visiting them each and every other day. The best thing about claw machines is that they occupy a place in the pathways as they always need to be stationed at high foot fall areas. Example: install them near food courts, popular retail stores or entrances for maximum interactions! A 2023 retail study shows a weekly average foot traffic of over 50,000 shoppers across the U.S. largest shopping malls on weekends, making claw machines have a great opportunity to be seen by many people.

Target Demographics
Given the wide variety of demographics who visit shopping malls, it makes sense to target families and teenagers/young adults with claw machine games. Prizes and machine type to know your target audience ( Plush toys, the most modern yellow leaves and smoker things may catch the eye of our young visitors, but gift cards/novelty accessories can surely wake up older buyers). According to a survey conducted in 2022, the age of players or users who play claw machines on malls are as follows; 60% were composed mostly for ages 12-25,

Strategic Placement
Maximize profits by strategically placing them all throughout the mall. What’s more, claw machines should be in high traffic areas near seating and rest areas where the largest amount of money can be spent. Even you can place the machines near children play area in some heavy footfall areas or entertainment zones like movie theatres. According to a case study by one of the major suppliers in arcade game, It was observed that 25% more usage was seen with machines near cinema entrances as compared to less trafficked locations.

Seasonal Opportunities
Throughout the year, shopping malls see different levels of activity; during holidays and sales-activity are higher than usual. To summarize, Leveraging these seasonal peaks can boost claw machine profits. During the Christmas season, for example, malls would see a 30-40% surge in foot traffic and this is the best chance to offer redemption prizes or festive-related promotions. On top of that According to the National Retail Federation data “In 2023, mall visits during holiday lifted by +35% over the rest of year for gross leases”.

Arcades and Amusement Parks

Captive Audience
Due to being located in amusement locations like the arcade or fun parks, claw machines work best. The people who are coming in, they have some ready cash to play and spend on these games. For example, according to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), visitor spending on games and attractions an averagesaround $45 during a park visit. A captive audience is more likely to engage and play with a claw machine, especially when it’s loaded with goodies that are impossible to resist.Placing claw machines in high traffic often give better results.

Themed Prizes
Moreover, amusement parks and arcades are themed very precisely, so claw machines can easily be filled with prizes which associate well with the setting. A. Themed prizes: having themed assets as rewards may incentivize the players to draw more parallels between the game and attractions of the park Take for instance, if it is a super-hero themed park — claw machines with little figures and collectibles of the superhero characters. Research conducted at a prominent amusement park, for example, documented that claw machine play increased by 30% when the prize selection was connected to the theme of the park.

High Repeat Visits
The key strength of arcades and amusement parks is the high frequency visits by local customers. A lot of the visitors have season passes or programs where they can visit all frequently, so they always end up coming back to play on that claw machine again. Another useful way to keep these repeat visitors engaged is through offering a range of prizes, and changing them regularly. In 2023, one arcade even reported that they saw 40% of their claw machine’s overall revenue from these familiar faces — meaning this is a trend that operators shouldn’t ignore. Fresh, hot prizes create the need for repeat play!

Group Dynamics
“There are group visitations commonly in these places, also the claw machine could then take advantage of such social nature” 2. Through a chain acquisition ※Groups of friends or families encourage each other to play games, which could initiate multiple attempts, and finally raise the revenue as shown in Figure 4) A group of a teenagers, for example, might get in on the action and challenge each other to win a prize. “Observational studies have shown that groups tend to play machines from as low as 20% more often and sometimes up to 50% more than individual players would,” she said.

Promotional Tie-ins
Take advantage of amusement parks and arcade facilities that often have promotions and events to increase claw machine play. You can even tie claw machine use with park promotions and get incredible results in usage. One way to entice more play is by giving a free play on the claw machine with park ticket purchase or during promotional events. An arcade that had a successful promotion using this method saw an increase in claw machine revenue by 25% when they bundled it with a ticket purchase promotion.


Pre-Movie Entertainment
Claw machines are perfect for cinemas too, movie goers often comes early and want to kill time before the start of their movie. Claw machine, a fun and interactive activity for people waiting to see their cinema The information from a survey of a cinema chain showed that 70% of viewers arrive at least than 15 minutes before the time starts, serving as an ideal case for claw machine involvement.

High Volume During Peak Hours
Cinemas see a lot of footfall mostly on weekends or when there is an upcoming blockbuster movie several of those periods that have loads and thousands visitors is gold opportunities to put a claw machine. It can also be even as twice or threefold the standard when its a significant moving picture unleash weekend. Futhermore, the already high visibility and usage of claw machines in cinema lobbies could see a dramatic increase with blockbuster weekends often attracting over 500,000 visitors nationwide, as reported by the Motion Picture Association’s latest report in 2022.

Family-Friendly Environment
Cinemas are a family-favorite so having a claw machine with suitable prizes makes for the ideal place to house one. Fill machines with toys, movie-themed gear and other kid-friendly items to draw in younger audiences along with parents. A survey of cinema-goers found that 65% of parents said their kids are more apt to play arcade-like versus classic games, which is one reason why claw machines remain popular spectacles at movie theaters.

Strategic Lobby Placement
You’ll want the claw machines in as high-visibility of a spot you can get them within your cinema lobby. Perfect places are near food and drink concession stands, ticket sales and any other location in or around the dining area where customers stand. For example, a cinema chain case study found that claw machines in front of the concession stand saw 20% more gameplays than those installed further down after only one month.

Promotional Opportunities
Do you know that cinemas often launch promotions associated with movie showing or special event? — Claw machines “attract and encourage people to play due to promotions,” according to the announcement. For instance, spa businesses can provide claw machine free plays with the purchase of a high margin service or at cinema halls during movie launch. For a significant movie release, a 30 percent boost in claw machine income was generated when the campaign was combined with purchase of ticket-and-snack bundle.


Capturing Impulse Buys
Supermarkets are also popular locations for claw machines, with the large footfall and potential for a customer to buy something on impulse. For one, placing a few claw machines next to the checkout or around store entrances can monetize some of that classic impulse buying behavior. Courtesy of a 2022 retail study, claw machines appear to be an ideal tool for attracting this kind of unplanned spending. Seventy percent of supermarket shoppers confessed to having done so in the past.

Family Shopping Trips
More often than not, supermarkets become the family outing while parents shop with their toddlers. Claw machines with kid orientated prizes can grab the young customers attention whilst shoppers browse and keep them entertained. Consumer behavior inquiry data showed that family with children took 40% of the supermarket visiting, meaning claw machines set up for such large group shall have more engagement and play.

Strategic Placement
locating claw machines at really strategic spots inside the supermarket is very important for even more visibility’ll maximize its utilization as nicely. Great locations include Trending near the entrance, Toy/Entertainment aisles and next to Customer Service According to a case study by a supermarket chain, when claw machines are installed near the entrance they will be 25% more in use than those located at low-traffic areas.

Seasonal & Themed Promotions
Seasonal events and types of promotions, in which supermarkets have higher or lower rates of foot traffic; Lining up claw machine prizes with the same trends can help you grow your online presence. Once Halloween rolls around, you can even stock the machines with special themed toys or prizes that will draw an audience. First published in 2023, the National Retail Federation reported that upwards of 30% additional supermarket footfall contributions have been made during a holiday seasons such as Halloween and Christmas. Hence it clearly indicates the proportionate scope for themed claw machine prize.

Reward programs & Offers
Frequent shoppers at several supermarkets are also awarded through intuitive loyalty programs. Claw Machine Games: If you eventually think of integrating claw machine plays into these loyalty programs. And you could even go as far as incentivizing this behaviour, by offering anyone that spends $50 a free play on the claw machine They found that the above measure was implemented and they noted a 15% increase in average customer spend and that there was an increased use of their claw machine.

University Campuses

High Student Engagement
On university campuses, there’s never a shortage of students looking for something fun — and stress-relieving to do in between classes or during their lunch break. Claw machines are the ultimate distraction, which grabs students attention by taking a fun little challenge. A survey conducted at a large university revealed that 65% of students play arcade games once a month or more making claw machines the perfect fit for campusesprivileged to house them.

Prime Locations on Campus
Deploy claw machines in easily accessible, traffic-heavy locations across campus Ideal locations are student unions, dining halls, libraries and dormitory common areas. In a study conducted at a major university, the same claw machine did 30% more business when placed in the student union instead of other well trafficked locations. It is all about placement!

Appealing Prizes
It’s really important to have a set of prizes that appeals the student mind, energy and curiosity. Most popular choices include university branded merchandise, tech gadgets such as earbuds and power banks as well as local restaurant/store gift cards. A claw machine filled with campus gear from branded clothing to popular tech accessories, for instance, was played 40% more frequently when compared to machines that offered generic prizes in 2023.

Event-Based Promotions
On university campuses throughout the school year, there are many events including orientation, homecoming and games (officiated). Linking claw machine promotions to any of these has the potential to vastly increase engagement. For example, consider giving away free plays during orientation week or offering great discounts on homecoming events. This can bring in new students and result in increased student participation. 25% increase in usage during homecoming at a major university via claw machine promotion

Loyalty and Rewards Programs
There are many universities which have their loyalty program for students. Like meal plan bonuses or campus store discounts etc. Claw Machine Incentives Integrating claw machine rewards around these plans can certainly really encourage student proposal. For example, another droplet might be giving away a free play for every ten meals bought in the students’ dining hall. One university that followed this strategy saw a 20% boost in dining hall attendance, leading to an obvious increase in claw machine participation.

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